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Safari Adventurous Ride in Dubai

The Dubai desert safari tours commence from the city and take voyagers out into the gleaming golden desert of Dubai. Vacationers usually choose from numerous choices of the desert safari Dubai tours. Depending on the time on hand and the range of attractions. A desert safari Dubai tour usually starts with a roller-coaster ride on the unpredictable sand dunes.

You can take uncountable photos, bumpy rides on the camels, enjoy the delicious food of Dubai in the tents and then arrive securely to the city. Then, you are taken towards the desert camping area where you can rest. Several actions are detailed for you here like henna artwork, falcon display, conventional outfits and much more.


After these activities you can take pleasure in a 5 celebrity open food evening meal and BBQ, veg. meal can also be organized on ask for. Related tea, coffee, water and a variety of carbonated beverages are also available for all. Desert Safari Dubai can also make unique preparations for work events on ask for.


Sunset Safari Dubai Tour

The sunset in the Dubai desert Safari is just as breathtaking as the sand dunes. If you think that sand dunes are hot, barren places, wait until you get to the desert safari. The view will take your breath away, and you can’t resist to pause and take a picture.

A thrill that roars and captures you in seconds will leave you in screams of delight and excitement! So make sure that your camera is fully charged and that you have extra batteries. Every happy memory is best shared with someone you hold dear to your heart.


Dune Bashing is one of the major attractions when on a Desert Safari Dubai. Dune Bashing is also known as sand bashing and Roller coaster drive in the desert. Upon reaching the Desert you experience a session of roller coaster dune bashing on the high and beautiful sand dunes of the Desert safari in Dubai. After which the company provides you with sand boards and you can enjoy a sliding and skiing in the Sand Dunes. You also get a chance to ride a camel and then taken towards the sunset view point where you experience the sunset in the Desert.

Dubai Safari An Amazing Experience

Dubai is one of the most developed and advanced Emirate out of the seven Emirates of U.A.E. which has developed rapidly during the past few years and the Desert safari in Dubai is one of main attraction of Dubai. Dubai safari tour begins with picking up the tourist from their hotel or place of residence and heading towards the desert, which is a short ride away from the hotel.

Dubai Desert Safari tour gives visitors a close experience with nature. Camel Rides, desert driving, and sand skiing, dune bashing are some of the activities included in the desert safari. The day Safari allows you to go sand snowboarding or sand is getting on down the terrific sand hills of the Desert. The perfect safari treatment is bestowed upon you.


Desert Safari Dubai is a top quality fascination for guests who check out Dubai and is ranked as the top trip in Dubai. With a number of extremes and adrenaline pumping joys to unwrap, you will be living the desert dream. You will get an opportunity to have a delightful and memorable experience of an Arabian night in the desert.

Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

Desert safari in Dubai is a unique way to experience the beautiful desert of Dubai and an adventure like no other which leaves you with a memory of a lifetime. Visiting Dubai and not going for the desert safari is just like going to school without books.

Dune bashing and sand skiing are recommended to the ones with an adventurous spirit. Skiing in the desert is an extraordinary experience involving spraying across the sand and feeling the refreshing air of the Dubai Desert safari against you. Included actions are dune whacking, camel riding, sand getting on, quad bike driving (additional charges may apply), an night Bar-B-Q, henna painting and many more.


A modern touch is also given to the Bedouin style camps by the Desert Safari Dubai companies, by including soft and hard drinks of international brands, tea, coffee and water to satisfy the need of the visitors. Later you can relish international BBQ dinner in the desert listening to soft Arabic music.

Explore the Adventures of Safari

Desert safari Dubai is truly an outdoor adventurous activity of one of its kind. Be it summer or winter, weather does not dampen the mood of adventure enthusiasts planning to enjoy desert safari Dubai. When it is summer in the city of lights, people enjoy fun and frolic of evening desert safari. On the other hand, winter season provides a whole day and night time span for recreations in the oasis of Arabian Desert.

The most famous of the safari in Dubai include the morning desert safari, overnight safari, Hatta Mountain Safari. The morning desert safari Dubai usually involves an off road driving adventure on the deserts. You will have a roller coaster ride in the dunes. You can also stop at the camel farm and get some pictures clicked for a life time remembrance. The stunning dunes will be a sight of a lifetime, something that you must have seen only in movies.


By the early evening you get to watch the beauty and peace of a desert sunset and the barbecues kick in. Overnight desert safari give you chance of spending the night in the desert and if you like to be one with nature in the dark of night, without a light in site, this is for you. It’s remarkable how dark darkness actually is. You do get an amazing view of the stars.

Your Dubai visit will be incomplete, if you did not have a safari in Dubai. If you want to have the most innovative and adventure filled experience, you must certainly plan for desert safari Dubai.

Take an Adventure of Desert Safari

Having an adventure place for a lifetime for all the ages the one place which offers is Dubai. The two ideal adventures are dinner on the cruise and a desert safari adventure.

The desert safari Dubai adventure begins when you get a bumpy ride on 4×4 on the sand hills. The dune bashing on the sand, the camel riding, sitting on the carpet with the coffee, Viewing the Arabian tents and residing in it and wearing the Arabian dresses and the pictures taking  all are the must do part of Dubai safari adventure and completely enjoying the visit is a must part of safari  Dubai adventure.

The henna painting is also available for the ladies, which is an exciting part of Dubai desert safari. After getting tired and instead of dropping back take the chance to sleep under the sky full of stars in the vast desert. In overnight safari Dubai the Arabian dinner is served with a lot of fresh fruits, rice and meat on the carpet in the open air under the moonlight. The soft drinks are also served.  After the delicious dinner is over have an extra flavor of the desserts.


Before booking for the Desert safari adventure get a complete description of the details the company is going to offer you. Safari in Dubai is an adventure which every one likes to have every week of the month.

Experience the Best Desert Safari Tour

One of the amazing things that you can’t miss in Dubai is Safari Dubai. In which you will be having an unforgettable stunning experience of the real desert adventure and best part of the tour is that this is specially designed for the families and the adventurous persons also.

No doubt Dubai desert safari tour will take you deep into the desert and make you experience the most exciting and adventurous things you would ever want to.

Desert safari Dubai believes in the complete liberty the sandy desert and the blues sea offers, desert safari endeavor to make your trip through this scenic beauty as memorable and pleasurable as possible. As you sit back, relax and take in the sandy view, enjoy your sunbath, take in the magnificent beauty that the desert safari in Dubai has got to offer. However the Safari Dubai can come in with extremes of weather changes, with varying degrees from too hot to too cold.


Safari on a camel in the vast golden sand to see the spectacular view of the sunset caps off this safari and after the ride is finished you will enjoy a superb fun-filled dinner in the middle of the desert with true peace of mind and away from everything else in the world.

The best time for you is the best time for us too. So, desert safari Dubai is here to fulfill all your desires.