Journey to the Heart of Spectacular Dubai

The mystifying Desert Safari Dubai is not only magical venue for memorable time but a guarantee of thrilling adventure driving experience.

The opening to the Safari in Dubai trip is done with a short ride from your hotel or residence to the desert. Desert Safari in Dubai gives these old dunes a modern twist of its own. It is a roller-coaster ride which is sure to shock and excite you weather you are an adventure seeker or not. The driver of your 4×4 vehicle then shows off his talent on the sand dunes taking you on an astonishing ride from sand dune to another. For those who wish to experience Dubai Desert Safari at a higher level, dune bashing and sand skiing are suggested. This drive up and down the sand dunes is exciting yet an exhausting one hence you are lead to the Bedouin style camp which is a small oasis to quench your thirst and relax owned by the Desert Safari in Dubai companies.


Desert safari will be gladly received to the camp in a conventional way with Arabic coffee and invigorating dates. Then you can opt to select how you would like to spend your time. You will be able to relish various activities once at the camp. These activities involve camel riding, henna painting, and clicking photos in conventional Arabic clothes etc.

It is an impressive experience including splashing across the sand and have a rendezvous with the stimulating desert sand.


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