A Complete View of Arabic Traditions

Dubai is the largest of the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. It is renowned for its avant-garde architecture, top-notch shopping, and a captivating blend of old and new. Dubai, therefore, is an ideal destination for your family, your honeymoon; or even for business dealings. It is the perfect way to experience the Arab culture, whilst savoring the modern comforts. It provides its visitors a horde of tours that are planned to bring the best from the city. So, you can choose from going shopping in the beguiling malls; or shop at the local souks, experience the indoor ski slopes, set out boating in a dhow cruise, or go on a desert safari and the options are endless.

So, do you love adventure or need something different? Then be ready for a most thrilling tour of desert safari in Dubai. Safari Dubai is an exciting and memorable journey for you filled with excitement.

camel riding safari tours

Once your desert safari in Dubai tour is organized, your tour operator will pick your group at a fixed time and then will travel to a common meeting place where he will join in with other vehicles. This is a normal tradition followed wherein all the vehicles travel together for the desert safari Dubai. If your tour is arranged in the evening, the next stop will be to watch the Sunset which is absolutely breathtaking. You can be assured that your camera will be engaged fully during the ride.

Dubai desert safari is not only about adventurous rides but to experience the cultural heritage in Bedouin campsite. The low tables and cushions placed in the middle of the deserts, heena tattoos, relishing BBQ dinner gives out the complete picture of Arabic traditions.


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