Take an Adventure of Desert Safari

Having an adventure place for a lifetime for all the ages the one place which offers is Dubai. The two ideal adventures are dinner on the cruise and a desert safari adventure.

The desert safari Dubai adventure begins when you get a bumpy ride on 4×4 on the sand hills. The dune bashing on the sand, the camel riding, sitting on the carpet with the coffee, Viewing the Arabian tents and residing in it and wearing the Arabian dresses and the pictures taking  all are the must do part of Dubai safari adventure and completely enjoying the visit is a must part of safari  Dubai adventure.

The henna painting is also available for the ladies, which is an exciting part of Dubai desert safari. After getting tired and instead of dropping back take the chance to sleep under the sky full of stars in the vast desert. In overnight safari Dubai the Arabian dinner is served with a lot of fresh fruits, rice and meat on the carpet in the open air under the moonlight. The soft drinks are also served.  After the delicious dinner is over have an extra flavor of the desserts.


Before booking for the Desert safari adventure get a complete description of the details the company is going to offer you. Safari in Dubai is an adventure which every one likes to have every week of the month.


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