Explore the Adventures of Safari

Desert safari Dubai is truly an outdoor adventurous activity of one of its kind. Be it summer or winter, weather does not dampen the mood of adventure enthusiasts planning to enjoy desert safari Dubai. When it is summer in the city of lights, people enjoy fun and frolic of evening desert safari. On the other hand, winter season provides a whole day and night time span for recreations in the oasis of Arabian Desert.

The most famous of the safari in Dubai include the morning desert safari, overnight safari, Hatta Mountain Safari. The morning desert safari Dubai usually involves an off road driving adventure on the deserts. You will have a roller coaster ride in the dunes. You can also stop at the camel farm and get some pictures clicked for a life time remembrance. The stunning dunes will be a sight of a lifetime, something that you must have seen only in movies.


By the early evening you get to watch the beauty and peace of a desert sunset and the barbecues kick in. Overnight desert safari give you chance of spending the night in the desert and if you like to be one with nature in the dark of night, without a light in site, this is for you. It’s remarkable how dark darkness actually is. You do get an amazing view of the stars.

Your Dubai visit will be incomplete, if you did not have a safari in Dubai. If you want to have the most innovative and adventure filled experience, you must certainly plan for desert safari Dubai.


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