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Dubai Safari A Must Do Adventure

Dubai Safari Camel ridingDesert safari Dubai is a must do experience in Dubai. Usually you are picked up at your hotel and then it is about an hour’s drive to reach the sand dunes. Dune bashing is so thrilling; going up and down the sand dunes at times with a precarious but safe stop downslope or upslope almost vertically is a bit scaring but great fun.

If you have any back injuries this definitely will not be a good choice. The ride is really adventurous and you can feel the adrenaline rush in dunes of safari in Dubai. You will find plenty opportunities to stop and have photos done during the tour.

At the end of the day you will be dropped at their camp where we can have good fun, chance to get free camel ride, henna, sand boarding, quad biking, took a picture with Arabic traditional costume and some dance show. Food and beverages at the camp are good and the entertainment good as well.


Perfect Fun and Adventure Activities in Safari Dubai

arabic dress safari dubaiDubai is an ideal destination for your family, your honeymoon; or even for business dealings. It is the perfect way to experience the Arab culture, whilst savoring the modern comforts.

Dubai desert safari is the perfect fun and adventure activity one should not miss while visiting. Here you can decorate your hand or any other favorite spot in your body with henna tattoo and take a ride on the camel, the only mode of transportation available for Arabs centuries ago. You can also buy Arabic souvenirs for your friends and family from here; take pictures wearing the traditional Arabic costumes like Abaya and Kandura.

Feast yourself to some traditional Arabic food including hummus, kuboos, biriyani, salads, and many more available for vegetarians and non vegetarians. Safari in Dubai  is an exciting tour activity that caters to all age groups. Whether you come in the summer or winter season, scheduling a safari is never a problem. If you seek adventure, this is an excellent trip.

A Fun Way to Explore Desert of Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari is an exclusive opportunity to experience the extraordinary Desert safari in the gorgeous and attractive Dubai desert. It is extremely pleasant to see the golden sands in the Desert safari glowing when it is hit by the sunbeams.

You will have a roller coaster ride in the dunes. You can also stop at the camel farm and get some pictures clicked for a lifetime remembrance. The stunning dunes will be a sight of a lifetime, something that you must have seen only in movies.

dune bashing safari dubai

Before finishing the desert safari Dubai a buffet is served with BBQ, rice, fresh fruits and many others. The soft drinks are also there. The desserts are also served after the food.

Your Dubai visit will be incomplete, if you did not have a safari in Dubai. If you want to have the most innovative and adventure filled experience, you must certainly plan for desert safari Dubai.

Fun and Entertainment on Dubai Safari Tour

Dubai Safari is a total entertainment and is a lot of fun package with perfect Arabian adventure of Dubai. Desert safari Dubai is very popular due to the beautiful sand features that can be observed during the safari tours. The desert sands form a great backdrop for some adrenalin pumping adventure activities. One can also indulge in some time travel and get a taste of Dubai as it was when the Bedouins roamed the place.

The exciting car rides and the roller coaster rides up and down the sand dunes is what forms the major reason for thrill and excitement. Dubai desert safari has much more for you to experience the true sense of excitement and enjoyment by the desert dunes ride into the desert you will surely get the thrilling feelings of the safari in Dubai whether if you are a thrill lover or not.

fun trip safari Dubai

You can enjoy the beauty of nature as you watch the desert safari sunset with all the myriad colors in the night sky of the desert safari. The purple sky of desert safari will give you an appropriate backdrop for camping in the deserts. It is a unique experience to spend the night in the desert with a bonfire to keep you warm as it might get a bit chilly at night, sleep under a blanket of twinkling stars and wake-up to a awe-inspiring sunrise with the aroma of freshly cooked continental breakfast floating in the air.

Experience a Thrilling Safari Trip in Dubai

Desert safari Dubai is utterly electrifying and a commemorative experience. It is premeditated for fun oriented people with the thrilling ambiance enhancing your glee and fun and will keep you in living in your desert dream.

In the before time stages this excursion was done by pedestrians and now Dubai desert safari concludes on ultra contemporary 4×4 vehicles. The Dubai desert safari today is an enthralling dune bashing ride through the undulating sand dunes of the Dubai desert. On your desert safari tour you experience a thrilling trip through the rolling sand dunes at an elevated degrees driving up and down and spinning and jumping sand barricades or every thing come in their way.

dune bashing safari Dubai

After a bashing ride in the sand dunes of the Dubai desert, the safari fleet makes a stop at Bedouin Camp where you get a chance to gain knowledge of how the earlier Nomads lived in a desert. A visit to the desert safari in Dubai is always incomplete until you go for a camel ride. Along with the camel riding, you will also experience the quad bikes, sand skiing and clicking pictures with traditional Arabic clothes on. Safari Dubai will offer you an adventure of a lifetime.

Dubai Safari Fun and Relaxation Tour

Many people enjoy visiting the desert as it is quite relaxing and keeps peaceful sort of beauty so if you are one of them then you don’t have to go far as UAE is the desert country which you are looking for…

overnight safari dubaiPlanning a trip or an excursion to Dubai will be memorable experience for you. It is a great opportunity to explore numerous places in Dubai like driving from Dubai in the West all the way to Fujairah in the east, through the Hajjar Mountains and the village of Masafi, to Dibba, and down the coast to Fujairah.

Desert safari Dubai trip is an incomparable trip for the whole family, and children are also welcome on this tour. The dune bashing is great fun. It is not at all scary, but it is something different to do. Dune bashing will definitely gives you a thrilling desert experience full of adventure.

You will be definitely amazed with the views of never ending sand filled desert, barren and nursing a charm of its own. The sunset stops were great for photos and for relaxing in the Dubai desert safari.

Best Packages of Dubai Safari

camel riding safari dubaiDubai is full with life and one will find it hard not to locate any item of luxury here. The peak brands from all over the world come here. There are many gorgeous packages designed to enjoy the charms of the city and the desert in different ways. Desert safari Dubai packages are made in such a way that the person starts feeling like he is living a life out of the pages of a fairy story.

You can choose from morning, evening and overnight Dubai desert safari packages. Some packages include hiking, buffet breakfasts and overnight camps while others include a dune bashing, dune buggy desert safari trip, tours of stone-built villages, visits to Bedouin camps, picnic dinners, sand ski in Dubai tours, camel rides and more.

In addition, you can have a look at some of the most splendid places in and around the deserts, take an enjoyable camel ride or simply bask in the glorious sunset. Desert safari in Dubai is indeed the perfect way to enjoy and appreciate the Arabian sand and culture in the most exciting way possible.